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Dogwood borer (Synanthedon scitula) adults are a clearwing moth (both fore and hind wings are mostly clear), resembling a small wasp. Thorax and abdomen are dark blue, almost black with yellow bands. Mature larvae are 3/5 inch long, cream-colored with reddish-brown heads and two brown spots on the upper surface of the front thoracic segment.

Dogwood borer larva (Bessin, UKY)
Dogwood borer larva.

(Photo: Ricardo Bessin, University of Kentucky)

Dogwood borer male adult (Solomon, USDA,
Dogwood borer male adult.

(Photo: James Solomon, USDA,

Dogwood borer damage to trunk (Strang, UKY)
Dogwood borer damage to trunk.

(Photo: John Strang, University of Kentucky)



  • Trunk sprays applied after peak flights
  • Monitor using pheromone traps
  • Remove tree guards for monitoring larval activity


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